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The principles of sustainability are incorporated throughout everything that Western Water does.

We believe that all people, as individuals and communities, play a part in protecting and preserving water resources.

As a drinking water, recycled water and sewer service provider, Western Water directly interacts with many aspects of the environment including surface water, ground water, soil, biodiversity and atmosphere. Through our activities, we have the potential to impact the environment – both negatively and positively.

To ensure any negative impacts on the environment are minimised, Western Water operates under a management-endorsed Environmental Management Policy . Through the policy framework we adhere to an internationally recognised environmental management standard known as ISO 14001.

In addition, Western Water’s activities are regulated by the Victorian Environment Protection Authority.

Western Water plans each of its activities through a comprehensive risk assessment process as per the methodology stipulated in the environmental standard and always attempts to identify pathways to minimise environmental impacts.

Western Water has a strong commitment to making the most of local resources, this is clearly shown in our Integrated Water Management Strategy and through our ongoing efforts to find new uses for recycled water and biosolids, the by-products of the wastewater treatment process.

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Environment Policy

The purpose of this policy is to set out our environmental purpose & values in line with the requirements of the International Standards Organisation 14001, National and State developments.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Western Water has pledged to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 10% (of the average emissions from 2011-2016) by 2025.

Melton Waste to Energy Project

Western Water has developed a business case to treat organic food waste at Melton Recycled Water Plant (RWP) to generate additional biogas for renewable energy use on site.

EPA Corporate Licence and discharging to waterways

Western Water’s EPA Corporate Licence covers the legally enforceable environmental performance conditions with which business activities must comply.


Western Water owns 114 hectares of land classified as significant for its biodiversity across the service area.

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