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Water Plan 2013 - 2018

Western Water’s Water Plan 2013-2018 sets out our prices, service standards and capital works over a five year period.

How the plan is developed

After an extensive period of planning and customer consultation, Western Water’s Water Plan 2013-2018 was submitted to the Essential Services Commission (ESC), the independent regulator, for review in October 2012. Following discussion and amendments, the ESC approved the final Water Plan in June 2013.

Approved price increases

A total price increase of 12.3% (before inflation) over the five years of the Water Plan was approved by the ESC. Most of the price increase is to address growth in our service area. We need to build new infrastructure and upgrade existing assets to keep pace with the growing population.

See details of our spending on major capital works.

Key facts

  • Planned capital expenditure of $232 million over five years
  • Prices to increase 12.3% (before inflation) over five years
  • Maintained three tier residential water usage charge
  • Growth main driver of price increases
  • Population forecast to grow by 19.4% over five years – mainly around Melton and Sunbury
  • Over 500 customers involved in consultation for Water Plan 2013-2018

Preparing for Water Plan 2018 - 2023

The Water Plan for 2018 - 2023 will be known as the Price Submission 2018-23. Western Water is currently developing its 2018 - 2023 Price Submission. You can read more about the Price Submission on our Have Your Say website.

Have your say

The best way for you to be informed and involved in our decision making is to join our online panel. Members of the online panel have the opportunity to provide feedback to Western Water a few times every year - sign up now.

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