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Upcoming infrastructure projects

Western Water is investing in innovative capital projects across our service area to keep pace with the region’s growing population.

On this page you will find a non-exhaustive list of projects that Western Water is planning.

The list provides an indication of possible future projects, but should not be relied upon for tendering purposes. To see and respond to tenders or expressions of interests, please visit Tenderlink.

Grant Street Sewer Pump Station, sewer rising main and water main

Planning is currently underway for a major sewerage upgrade in the southern end of Bacchus Marsh. The project also includes a section of water main to bolster the water supply in the Parwan area. The new infrastructure will cater for population growth in Maddingley to the west and the area south of Grant Street.

  • Grant Street Sewer Pump Station: Capacity upgrade to replace the existing sewer pump station in the reserve at the corner of Grant Street and Peelmans Lane, from 35 litres per second to interim upgrade of 100 litres per second (with an ultimate upgrade of 145 litres per second). This involves the construction of a new 9m deep precast concrete segmental wet well, mechanical and electrical fit out, and a 6.5m deep emergency storage tank.
  • Grant Street Sewer Rising Main: Construction of an 8km sewer rising main, 375/600mm diameter, commencing at the pump station on Peelmans Lane and traversing Grant Street, Parwan Road, Geelong–Bacchus Marsh, Exford Road and Parwan Road South before connecting to the Bacchus Marsh Recycled Water Plant. It includes the trenchless crossing of the Ballarat rail line.
  • East Maddingley Water Main: Construction of a new 800m polyethylene water main, 280mm diameter, from Griffith Street to East Maddingley Road. Water pipe will be laid alongside sewer pipe in the same trench along part of the construction alignment, mainly along Parwan Road between Mitchem Road and East Maddingley Road.

The project may be delivered as separate contracts.

Bacchus Marsh Sewer Duplication

Planning is underway for a new duplicate sewer main, 2.6km in length, which would transport sewage from Holts Lane, Darley, to the sewer network near Bacchus Marsh Road (Avenue of Honour).

A 300mm gravity sewer pipe will be laid from Holts Lane to Masons Lane and a 375mm gravity sewer pipe from Masons Lane to the outfall sewer just south of Bacchus Marsh Road.  The project includes trenchless crossings of the Western Hwy and Bacchus Marsh Road.

Melton Recycled Water Plant to Bacchus Marsh Recycled Water Plant pipeline

Western Water has commenced planning for the construction of a 12.4km recycled water pipeline, 525mm diameter, between the Bacchus Marsh and Melton recycled water plants.

This is a new pipeline that will enable the transfer of excess recycled water between both plants. It traverses through mainly private land and includes a crossing at the Werribee River. Two pump stations will also be constructed at both ends of the pipeline—at Bacchus Marsh RWP (300 L/s at 80m) and Melton RWP (450 L/s at 110m).

The project may be split into separate contracts for delivery.

Melton Recycled Water Plant—Winter storage upgrade

Western Water has begun planning to upgrade the storage capacity of the plant’s recycled water ponds by an additional 1,300 megalitres. The pond’s internal dimensions are approximately 400m x 400m and 10m high. It is likely to be clay lined and connected to a new pump station via one 900mm underground pipe.

Riddells Creek and Hopetoun Park Sewer Pump Station upgrades

Western Water is upgrading infrastructure at three of its sewer pump stations:

  • Hamilton Street, Riddells Creek: pump capacity upgrade and construction of an emergency water storage tank.
  • Sutherlands Road, Riddells Creek: construction of emergency storage and upgrade to SCADA communications.
  • Webb Court, Hopetoun Park: Construction of emergency storage and wet well.

These projects are proposed to be delivered as a single package of works.

Taylors Road Water Main

Planning is currently underway for a new 3km water main along Taylors Road, Plumpton. This includes the laying of 375mm PVC pipe from Plumpton Road to Sinclairs Road; 450mm ductile iron or mild steel water main from Sinclairs Road to Saric Court; and 300mm PVC pipe to the existing water main near City Vista Court.

Sunbury Outfall Sewer Duplication

Western Water is planning for the construction of a duplicate sewer that will transfer sewage from the corner of Powlett and Brook Street to the Sunbury Recycled Water Plant on Harker Street. 1km of 750mm diameter gravity sewer pipe will be constructed beside the existing sewer main, which was built in 1975 and is now nearing capacity.

Gisborne and Woodend Recycled Water Plant dewatering upgrades

Planning has commenced to upgrade the dewatering process capacity at both the Gisborne and Woodend recycled water plants. An initial study reviewed potential technologies which resulted in the selection of screw presses as preferred to process the sludge (175m3/d at Gisborne and 78m3/d at Woodend).

It’s intended that these projects be delivered as a single design and construct package of works. Included in these works are the main process (e.g. screw press, polymer storage and dosing), civils, buildings, mechanical and electrical install and integration on site.

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