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Building, Renovating & Developing

Western Water provides services to one of the fastest growing populations in Victoria.

In this section you will find information on how to develop land, connect new properties to Western Water's infrastructure, alter existing connections or obtain information about easements and water pressure.

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Connect a new property

You need Western Water's permission before you connect a new property to our water, recycled water and/or sewerage network.

Class A recycled water inspections

Plumbers are required to book inspections for new Class A recycled water connections.

Alter an existing connection

If you're renovating, the location of your sewer or water connections might need to change. This may be because you're moving the location of a shower, toilet, sink or other fixture.


Easements are parts of land that Western Water has legal permission to access for the maintenance or installation of pipes or other assets.

Locating pipes

Find out where water or sewer pipes are located.

Water pressure and flow

Before connecting to our water network you may need information about the pressure and flow rates at a property.

Developing land

In general, subdivided land in Western Water’s service region must be provided with reticulated water and/or sewerage services.

Water backflow

The installation of an appropriate backflow prevention containment device ensures the public water supply is protected from unintended cross connections and backflow.

Metering and servicing guidelines

Western Water's metering and servicing guidelines set our water metering conditions for new developments, alterations to existing developments and existing water metering arrangements.

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