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Alter an existing connection

If you're renovating, the location of your sewer or water connections might need to change. This may be because you're moving the location of a shower, toilet, sink or other fixture.

What are you changing?

Sewer connection

Before you start renovating, you need to get permission from Western Water to alter your sewer connection.

What you need

To apply to alter your sewer connection, you will need to:

  • Provide a revised site and floor plan
  • Include all relevant documents and pay the application fees.

Application fees - 2017/18

$104.27 per application

How to apply

You can either:

Then, pay with the Credit Card Payment Voucher188KB .

Applications may take up to 10 working days to process.

Water connection

  • Pipes within your property, excluding the pipe between the water main and your water meter: You don't need Western Water's permission to change the water pipes within your property. However, you should use a licensed plumber, and they should complete works in accordance with Western Water's Metering and Servicing Guidelines.

  • Your water meter, and the pipe between the water main and your water meter: If you intend to move the location of your water meter, you need to contact Western Water on (03) 9218 5560. Generally, your plumber can move the water meter up to 1.5 meters directly left or right of its original location, but any other change is treated as a new connection.

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