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Locating pipes

Find out where water or sewer pipes are located.

Western Water's sewer and water pipes

You can request information on the size, depth and offset of Western Water's sewerage pipes, and the location of the water main on an individual property.

2017/18 Application fee

$19.65 per application

How to apply

You can either:

Then pay with the Credit Card Payment Voucher.188KB

Your sewer pipes

Property sewer plans provide a record of where sewerage drains are located on your property. They do not include information on the size, depth or offset of Western Water's assets.

You may require a property sewer plan if you are:

  • purchasing a new property
  • having issues with a blocked drain
  • planning to install a swimming pool
  • extending your home
  • landscaping

If you're planning to change your sewer connection, you'll need to get Western Water's permission. Find out more.

2017/18 Application fee

$39.52 per application.

How to apply

  1. Complete a Property Sewer Plan Request online form
  2. Pay with the Credit Card Payment Voucher188KB


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