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Class A recycled water inspections

Plumbers are required to book inspections for new Class A recycled water connections.

These inspections are to be completed at three stages of the connection:

  • R1: From meter to dwelling. This inspection takes place when the recycled water and drinking water meter assemblies and the pipes to the house have been installed.
  • R2: Rough in. This inspection takes place during construction, before the plasterboard goes on. This is to check that the recycled water pipes are only connected to the approved points.
  • R3: Commissioning and fit off. The plumber must be on site for this inspection only. This inspection ensures that the drinking water and recycled water services have been correctly installed and there are no cross connections.

To book an inspection, complete a Class A recycled water plumbing inspection booking form.

Please note the available inspection times:

  • R1 & R2: no fixed inspection time. The plumber does not need to be on-site for these inspections, but work must be ready to be inspected by 7:00am on the day of the inspection.
  • R3: fixed inspection time. The plumber must be on site for these inspections.

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