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Developing land

In general, subdivided land in Western Water’s service region must be provided with reticulated water and/or sewerage services.

Western Water works with land developers and industry partners to provide water and sewerage services and support integrated water management solutions for our growing community.

On this page you will find information on the process for developing land, fees and charges, forms and Western Water's design standards.

Process for developing land

  1. The local council will refer your planning permit application to Western Water. We’ll place conditions on the permit.
  2. Once the conditions are met, we’ll issue a Statement of Compliance. This tells Council that the permit for sewer and water has been completed.
  3. The local council will issue a planning permit or certified plans to you.
  4. You’ll need to send us:
    • A completed Request for Conditions form (available for download below)
    • Plan of subdivision
    • Planning permit
    • Functional layout plan
    • Note: if the development has a dual pipe system (e.g. recycled water) you will also need to provide:
      • Functional design plan showing the alternate water system, stormwater management system and waterways
      • Topography map showing areas with slopes greater than 5% and land use details
      • Plan showing and designating biodiversity areas
      • Plan showing surface water and groundwater features including water courses, water bodies and groundwater extraction bore areas subject to flooding.
      • Common provision guidelines, if applicable.
  5. Western Water will issue a notice under Section 268 of the Water Act 1989. The notice provides the details of the fees and conditions placed on your subdivision.
  6. You’ll need to use one of Western Water’s approved contractors to complete the works (at your expense).
  7. You’ll need to use a consultant engineer to carry out site inspections and manage the project. We’ll supervise construction and test the new infrastructure to ensure it meets our standards.
  8. Once we’re satisfied that you have met our requirements, we’ll provide the local council with a “Consent to issue a Statement of Compliance” document. The land then becomes declared property, and:
    • is subject to water, recycled water and/or sewer tariffs
    • a 12 month maintenance period begins, during which you will need to rectify any defects.

Following the 12 month maintenance period, we’ll issue you with a Final Acceptance Notice. This means we accept the new infrastructure as our assets and will take over the ownership and maintenance of them. Any remaining bond will be returned to you.

Fees and charges

Standardised New Customer Contributions (NCC) - 2017/18

Greenfield $4316.19
Infill $2157.56
  • Standardised NCC will apply if the property is within the maps shown in Appendix B of the Guide to New Customer Contributions (available for download below)
  • If a development (including a subdivision) requires either the construction of new assets or the upgrade of existing assets (either built by Western Water or built by the developer and gifted to Western Water) NCC will be payable at a Greenfield rate for each property created.
  • If a property is serviced and connected for one or two of available services (i.e. potable (drinking) water, sewerage or alternate water), the provision of or connection to a further service will incur Greenfield NCC in respect of that new service.
  • A property which is already serviced and connected and is to be subdivided will pay an Infill NCC for each additional property created.
  • Specialised, non-subdivisional or higher water usage developments will be considered on a case-by-case basis with NCC calculated on either a pro-rata approach and/or “fixture units”.
  • For multi-unit developments a “credit” will be provided for the existing lot and then standard NCC applied per unit.


Administration fees - 2017/18

Fees are charged to recover the costs incurred for preparation of works offer, design checking, construction audits, asset recording surveys, preparation of 'as constructed' plans and other costs.

  Application fee (including first lot)
Up to the first 10 lots (excl. first lot)
Each additional lot
Works including survey
 $1523.92  $449.91  $224.94
Works with no survey  $1416.01  $158.56  $63.02
  • Non-works applications attract a fee of $449.91
  • GST is payable on all of the above fees

Other fees

  • If feasibility studies are required, the developer will need to fund the study.
  • A 5% maintenance bond (calculated on the actual costs of the works) is required to be paid to Western Water if any assets are constructed.

Accredited land development consultants

To further improve the quality of water, recycled water and/or sewer assets constructed in the Western Water service region, accredited land development consultants should be used to undertake engineering design, superintending and auditing of land development works.

Accredited Consultants List21KB 

Becoming an accredited consultant

Consultants wishing to seek accreditation from Western Water should review the Expressions of Interest document then download, complete and send us an accredited consultant application form.

Accredited consultant for land development Expressions Of Interest document150KB

Accredited consultant application form153KB


Standards and guidelines

Guide to New Customer Contributions (NCCs)2MB

Class A recycled water developers guidelines70KB

Design and construction guidelines for subdivisional works54KB 

CCTV inspection standards239KB 

Western Water's Approved Products for Non-Pressure Applications433KB 

Western Water's Approved Products for Pressure Applications458KB 

The design of sewer mains must be in accordance with:

The design of water and recycled water mains must be in accordance with:

The design of sewer pumping stations must be in accordance with:

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