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National Water Week Poster Competition

The theme for the 2017 National Water Week Competition was “Water - the Heart of our Culture”.

National Water Week Poster

This year we received an overwhelming 489 entries from children from 17 schools across our region. 

The winners were announced at a special event in New Gisborne on October 19 to kick off our National Water Week celebrations.

The winners in each category received:

  • First prize: $100 gift card
  • Second prize: $50 gift card
  • Third prize and Artistic merit: $25 gift card 

All children who participated will receive a participation certificate to show our appreciation of their efforts. These certificates will be sent to the child’s school. 

The winner of this year’s school prize is St Anthony’s Primary School, Melton South. They received $500 towards a sustainable project at their school.

See the winning entries


First place - John, Melton South Primary School

John's poster

Equal second place - Levi, St Anthony's Primary School Melton South

Levi's poster

Equal second place - Jasmina, St Anthony's Primary School Melton South

Jasmina's poster

Grade 1 & 2

First place - Anouk, Melton South Primary School

Anouk's poster

Second place - Asher, Gisborne Primary School

Asher's poster

Equal third place - Erin, Gisborne Primary School

Erin's poster


Equal third place - Lucy, Melton South Primary School

Lucy's poster

Grade 3 & 4

First place - Diening, St Anthony's Primary School Melton South

Diening's poster

Second place - Hibba, Melton South Primary School

Hibba's poster

Third place - Erika, St Anthony's Primary School Melton South

Erika's poster

Grade 5 & 6

First place - Georgia, Lancefield Primary School

Georgia's poster

Second place - Mikayla, St Anthony's Primary School Melton South

Mikayla's poster

Third place - Hauyie, Killara Primary School

Hauyie's poster


Artistic Merit Award - Clair, Lancefield Primary School

Clair's poster

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