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Western Water is pleased to offer you advice and tips on how to save water or to avoid common issues with your water and sewer service.

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Save water

Western Water is pleased to offer you advice and tips on how to save water in your home, garden or business.

Maintaining and repairing pipes

Who is responsible for maintaining and repairing water and sewer pipes depends on the location of the mains and your water meter.

Check for water leaks

Learn how to read your water meter to see how much water you use or to check if you have a water leak.

Preventing frozen water meters and pipes

Some water meters and pipes sit above the ground and may be vulnerable to the cold, particularly when temperatures fall below zero.

Sewer blockages

Sewer blockages usually occur when there is something stopping the flow of wastewater in the sewer pipes.

Preventing drain odours

If you're experiencing unpleasant odours from your sinks or shower, it may be due to food scraps, kitchen materials, hair, soap residue or shaving oils decaying in the drain.

Recycled water cross connections

Customers receiving recycled water through the dual pipe system are required to check for cross connections on their property every twelve months.

Bushfires and your water supply

Western Water cannot guarantee that we will be able to maintain your usual water supply or water pressure if there is a bushfire in your area.

Information in Easy English

Western Water provides information on key topics in Easy English.

Western Water Online

Western Water offers a number of online services to help you submit applications, manage your account and switch to email bills.

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