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Gisborne Road Water Main - Darley

We’re constructing a new water main along Gisborne Road, Darley to ensure we can provide quality drinking water to the growing Bacchus Marsh community.

Project snapshot

Town(s): Darley, 

Status: Under construction

Cost: $950,000

Expected Completion Date: Late 2017

At Western Water, we’re continually monitoring the condition, performance and maintenance history of our drinking water pipe network so we know when it’s time to replace part of it.

We consider the age, material and performance history of each of our water mains, and use the latest technology to understand their condition. That way we can identify which water mains need replacing before they fail and interrupt your water service.

These works are part of Western Water’s commitment to improve services to our customers.

What will the project involve?

Constructions on the Gisborne Rd Water Main

We’re upgrading approximately 3km of an existing water main that runs along the roadside of Gisborne Road between Lerderderg-Gorge Road and our Bences Road tank site.

The work involves replacing the current 80mm main, built over 40 years ago, with a new 125mm pipe.

Why is this project needed?

This main is more than 40 years old. Replacing it with a new one will mean less maintenance and less chance of bursts.

This work will:

  • Improve water supply  reliability
  • Improve drinking water quality
  • Save water by minimising the risk of water main bursts
  • Reduce potential damage to roads and properties along the route if our water main bursts
  • Reduce maintenance and repair costs to the water main and water supply network overall

What factors do we consider when planning a project?

We look at: environmental and geotechnical impacts, cultural heritage, specialist investigations (such as a biodiversity assessment), population forecasts, location of other underground services (e.g. electricity, phone/internet, gas lines) and accessibility.

When will the work take place?

Construction commenced in May and we expect the project to be completed later this year. The works are being undertaken by contractors AHA Constructions Pty Ltd.

What impacts can I expect during the work?

Western Water will aim to keep construction impacts to a minimum; however the following are likely:


We expect impacts on traffic to be minimal, however, at times construction will occur very close to the roadway. For your safety, and that of our team, traffic management will be in place if required.

You may also notice increased traffic along the road as our contractor goes about their work.


Expect to see some excavation work on the roadside. Fencing, barricades and trench covers may be used near the worksite to ensure your safety. Our contractor may also establish a storage area nearby for equipment and construction materials.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this essential work.

Will my water supply be affected?

There may be a short period when your water supply needs to be switched off. We’ll notify you in advance if we need to turn your water off so as to ensure minimal impact. Please contact us if you have particular concerns about your water supply being turned off for a short time.

Where can I get more information?

Please email or contact our Community Engagement Advisor on 1300 650 422 during business hours.

Project updates

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