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Campaspe Reservoir Enlargement and Dam Upgrade

We’re investigating ways to enlarge the Campaspe Reservoir and upgrade the dam wall to ensure we can provide quality drinking water to the growing Woodend community.

Project snapshot

Town(s): Woodend, 

Status: Under investigation

Cost: $1.36 million

Expected Completion Date: 2018/2019

An upgrade of Campaspe Reservoir will ensure Western Water can continue to provide quality drinking water to the Woodend community.

We are in the early stages of investigating options for the upgrade. 

What work has been done?

A land survey to update the existing contour information was completed in November 2016. Ecologists were on-site in December 2016 to conduct a vegetation survey on behalf of Western Water. This involved recording the vegetation present in areas immediately above the reservoir high water level and proposed construction site.

In early 2017 an Environmental Impact Assessment was completed which included a more detailed vegetation survey. This assessment identified several potential environmental impacts, many of which can be avoided or minimised during the design and construction phase should the project progress.

What are the next steps?

These investigations for this project are currently on hold whilst it is assessed against other options that would guarantee water supplies for Woodend. The result of this comparison is likely to be completed by mid 2018. At this point we will have a better understanding of which project is more beneficial for the community and environment.

Geotechnical investigations are tentatively scheduled for mid 2018, dependent on the result of the assessment against alternate options as well as the weather/climate.


Will my water supply be affected?



Where can I get more information?

Please email or contact our Community Engagement Advisor on 1300 650 422 during business hours.

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