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Rockbank and surrounds

Western Water currently provides water and sewerage services to around 1,300 residents in Rockbank.

Precinct structure planning by the Victorian Government’s Growth Areas Authority means the area’s population is predicted to increase to almost 20,000 by 2030. With rapid development expected, new water and sewer infrastructure is essential.

In response, Western Water’s projects involve building critical water and sewer infrastructure to service developments in Rockbank, Rockbank North, Plumpton, Eynesbury and Mount Cottrell.

Find out more about our water and sewer projects in the area by clicking on the below links.

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Rockbank Sewer Rising Main - Rockbank to Mount Cottrell (Completed)

We built a new sewer rising main to transport sewage from our new sewer pump station in Rockbank to the Melton Recycled Water Plant in Mount Cottrell.

Leakes Road Water Main - Plumpton and Rockbank

We’re constructing a new water main along Leakes Road from Plumpton to Rockbank to ensure we can provide quality drinking water to the growing Rockbank community.

Rockbank Sewer Pump Station (Completed)

We built a new sewer pump station on the outskirts of Rockbank to meet the service needs of the existing township and Rockbank North area.

Rockbank North Sewer Main (Completed)

We constructed a new sewer main to transfer sewage from the Woodlea Estate to our pump station in Rockbank.

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