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Rockbank Sewer Pump Station

We’re building a new sewer pump station on the outskirts of Rockbank to meet the service needs of the existing township and Rockbank North area.

Project snapshot

Town(s): Rockbank, 

Status: Complete

Cost: $3.8 million

Expected Completion Date: November 2017

This essential sewerage infrastructure project located in Troups Road North will service the existing Rockbank township and the Rockbank North area with significant residential development growth forecast to occur.

Stage one of the pump station will have a 150 litre per second capacity to cater for approximately 5150 lots in the wider Rockbank area.

Why is this project needed?

This new sewer pump station is needed to ensure we can provide quality sewerage services to customers in the Woodlea Estate development and wider Rockbank North area.Once complete, it will receive sewage from the wider Rockbank area, and pump it to the Melton Recycled Water Plant for treatment.

What will the works involve?

We’re excavating through rock to a depth of 12 metres. Done in stages using excavation equipment lowered into the hole itself, we’ll use steel and concrete to reinforce the structure before installing the sewer pipes and backfilling the excavation in layers. Once it passes hydrostatic-testing, our contractor will install the pumps, backfill the space and finalise the mechanical and electrical fit out.

Working hours?

Our working hours are 7.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday, and Saturday mornings 8.00am to 1.00pm.

What impacts can I expect during the works?

Western Water will work closely with its contractors to minimise disruption to nearby properties during construction, however the following are likely to occur


Traffic management will be in place on Troups Road North at times. You will notice increased construction traffic along the street as our contractor goes about their work.

We apologise for the inconvenience and ask that you closely observe changes in traffic and driving conditions.

Noise and dust

During the daytime, you’ll hear construction noise and see dust coming from our site throughout the project.


You can expect to see some excavation work at our site in Troups Road North. Fencing, barricades and trench covers may be used near the worksite to ensure your safety. Our contractor will also establish a storage area at the site for equipment and construction materials.

Will my water or sewerage service be impacted?

We do not expect any interruption to your services during the course of our work.

What will be visible at the site once work is completed?

As the pump station will be installed underground, the only additional noticeable infrastructure will be an above ground electrical/control cabinet, a small building for odour and chemical dosing tanks.

To ensure the visible infrastructure is safe we’ll install fencing and landscaping to ensure the area suits the aesthetics of the area.

Where can I get more information?

Please email or contact our Community Engagement and Stakeholder Relations Advisor on 1300 650 422 during business hours.

Project updates

Project Update: February 2017746KB

project update: april 2016392KB

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