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Rockbank Sewer Rising Main - Rockbank to Mount Cottrell

We’re building a new sewer rising main to transport sewage from our new sewer pump station in Rockbank to the Melton Recycled Water Plant in Mount Cottrell.

Project snapshot

Town(s): Mount Cottrell, Rockbank, 

Status: Complete

Cost: $3.5 million

Expected Completion Date: November 2017

This essential sewerage infrastructure project is part of Western Water’s preparation for rapid residential development and population growth in the Rockbank area.

Why is this project needed?

This new sewer rising main is needed to ensure we can provide quality sewerage services to the Rockbank and Rockbank North communities.

Once complete, it will transfer sewage from our new sewer pump station in Rockbank on to the Melton Recycled Water Plant in Mount Cottrell for treatment.

What will the work involve?

We’ll be constructing an 8.1 kilometre sewer rising main in the roadside from our new sewer pump station in Troups Road North, Rockbank to the Melton Recycled Water Plant in Butlers Road, Mount Cottrell.

While construction of the pipeline will be mainly open cut trenching, it will also involve trenchless technology to bore under the Melbourne–Ballarat railway line.

We’ll take temporary measures such as covering holes to make the work area safe. Once a section of sewer main is laid and the trench is filled in, we’ll reinstate driveways and the roadside to their original condition.

Where will the works take place?

The sewer rising main will:

  • travel under the Melbourne-Ballarat railway at the Troups Road North crossing
  • go along the eastern side of Troups Road North
  • travel down the northern side of Greigs Road, crossing Leakes Road and Paynes Road
  • go along the western side of Mount Cottrell Road
  • run down the southern side of Greigs Road West until Butlers Road.

Working hours

Our working hours are 7.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday, and Saturdays 8.00am to 1.00pm.

What impacts can I expect during the works?

Western Water will work closely with its contractor to minimise disruption to nearby properties during construction, however the following are likely to occur:


At times, our team will need to undertake work very close to, or in the roadway (particularly near the railway crossing and Mount Cottrell Road). For your safety, and that of our team, traffic management will be in place if required − we ask for your understanding at these times.

You may also notice increased traffic along the road as our contractor goes about their work.

Noise and dust

At times, you will hear construction noise and see dust coming from our site. This will not last long as our contractor will continue to move along the sewer main alignment throughout the project.


You can expect to see excavation work on the side of the road. Fencing, barricades and trench covers may be used near the worksite to ensure your safety. Our contractor may also establish a storage area at sites along the way for equipment and construction materials.

Will my driveway be affected?

We may need to briefly work across some driveways. If this is the case, you will be notified in advance by our contractor so that alternative access arrangements can be made.

Your driveway will be reinstated to its original condition once works in front of your property are complete.

Will you repair any damage to nature strips and roads?

During construction of any new sewer main, we’ll take temporary measures such as filling and covering holes to ensure the work area is safe. At the end of the project, Western Water will restore any disturbed areas to their original condition.

Will my services be affected?

No, we don’t anticipate any interruption to your water supply and your existing onsite sewerage.

Where can I get more information?

Please email or contact our Community Engagement and Stakeholder Relations Advisor on 1300 650 422 during business hours.

Project updates

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