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Sunbury Integrated Water Management Project

The population in the Sunbury region is expected to double in the next 20 years.

This growth, combined with the effects of a changing climate, will impact available water sources as well as our local waterways. Western Water is working with Melbourne Water and Hume City Council to explore future integrated water solutions for Sunbury.

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Have your say on Sunbury's water future

In 2018 we received close to 300 responses to a survey about the community's value for Sunbury's Water Future. See the report on the Sunbury's Water Future Your Say website

In March 2019, we hosted a number of events for members of the community to tell us their priorities and values for Sunbury’s Water Future. These events included:

  • community workshops for members of the public and representatives of community organisations
  • targeted discussions with environment groups, the residents association and recycled water customers
  • meetings with key community and business organisations
  • being part of the KIDx 2019 youth forum on climate change, and
  • information sharing at SunFest.

All the findings from these activities and the earlier online survey will form a community report for consideration by the Sunbury Integrated Water Management Deliberative Panel which will be made up of 30-35 randomly selected, representative members of the local community. 

Over May and June 2019, the panel will meet regularly to develop a set of community recommendations for integrated water management solutions for Sunbury.

If you would like to find out more about Sunbury’s Water Future, email


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