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20 February 2018

Water supply update for Myrniong. Myrniong residents may have noticed the closure of Pykes Creek Reservoir by Southern Rural Water today. Read more

15 February 2018

Interflow announced as new sewer maintenance contractor. Western Water have partnered with Central Highlands Water to secure the services of Interflow Pty Ltd for the provision of sewer maintenance and rehabilitation services. Read more

9 February 2018

Warning on drinking water storage break-ins. Western Water is warning people to be on the lookout for illegal activity at reservoirs and water supply tanks after security fences were breached several times over the past few months. Read more

2 February 2018

Lancefield water supply update. Bore water will soon be reintroduced to the Lancefield drinking water supply, after a decline in water levels in local reservoirs. Read more

14 December 2017

Water use rules for summer. Western Water is urging residents to be aware of Permanent Water Saving Rules when using water this summer. Read more

8 December 2017

Water management goes digital at Western Water. Western Water has taken a leap into the digital age, becoming the first water corporation in Australia to trial Waternamics, an online water and sewer management system Read more

4 December 2017

Scholarship for future industry leader. Western Water asset engineer Dean Phillips has been awarded a scholarship to take part in the International Water Centre’s leadership program. Read more

30 November 2017

Rosslynne drinking water tank upgrade. Western Water is upgrading Rosslynne Reservoir’s three million litre drinking water tank, as part of its capital works program. Read more

28 November 2017

New technology to filter bacteria at Sunbury plant. Sunbury’s wastewater will soon be filtered through hundreds of thousands of tiny straw-like membranes with holes ten times smaller than the smallest bacteria. Read more

27 November 2017

Leak Week - getting schools ready for summer. Western Water is stepping up the fight against water wastage with Leak Week – a week dedicated to spotting and fixing leaks to save water at our schools. Read more

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