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Lancefield water supply update

2 February 2018

Bore water will soon be reintroduced to the Lancefield drinking water supply, after a decline in water levels in local reservoirs.

Up to 30% bore water will be added to the town’s water supply from early February, to help preserve reservoir levels and ensure there is enough water for the town over the coming months.

Western Water has added bore water to Lancefield’s water supply during dry times for many years. It is a standard approach designed to make the most of local water supplies.

Customers are not likely to notice a change in the taste or smell of their water, as the percentage of bore water will be relatively low.

All drinking water is filtered and treated at the Lancefield water filtration plant to meet Australian Drinking Water Guidelines before it is piped to customers.

If the dry weather continues, water can also be made available to the town from Western Water’s broader supply network through the Romsey-Lancefield pipeline.

Western Water will continue to monitor reservoir levels and water usage in Lancefield, and adjust the supply system as needed.


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