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Routine clean for Romsey region water mains

27 March 2018

Western Water is gearing up for its regular clean of water mains – taking in more than 60km of pipeline in Romsey.

“For us this is just routine maintenance, carried out every few years,” Western Water’s General Manager, Customer and Community Relations, Graham Holt, says.

“But it is a huge job to clean more than 60km of water mains, taking around 240 working hours over April and May.”

Mr Holt says the maintenance job will ensure Western Water can continue to supply safe, high-quality drinking water.

“People may notice more Western Water vehicles and staff in their neighbourhood, or water running from a hydrant at times,” he says.

“Our teams will progressively work their way across the Romsey starting after Easter.”

Cleaning the water mains will involve flushing out each main with water.

“We will not need to switch customers’ water off, and they should not notice any change in water pressure,” Mr Holt says.

“Some people may notice a change in the taste or colour of their water, but this is temporary. All our water will continue to meet the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines for health and safety.”


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