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Stop your meter freezing with a simple cover

7 June 2017

As the winter cold sets in, Western Water is advising customers in frost-prone areas to put a cover on their water meter to prevent it from freezing.

When a meter freezes, no water can pass through the meter until it thaws out, leaving households without hot water on a freezing cold morning.

“There are plenty of options for covering your meter, including a large bucket, cardboard or plastic box, half a tyre, a hessian bag or an old blanket,” Western Water’s General Manager, Customer and Community Relations, Graham Holt says.

“The important thing is to ensure the meter is fully covered to trap the warmer air inside.”

Whatever cover you use also needs to be easily removable for meter reading and maintenance.

Frozen pipes can also be an issue if the weather is very cold. To stop pipes from freezing, first ensure they are clean and not leaking, then wrap in insulation material (available from hardware shops).

More information and a how-to video are available here.


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