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Warning on drinking water storage break-ins

9 February 2018

Western Water is warning people to be on the lookout for illegal activity at reservoirs and water supply tanks after security fences were breached several times over the past few months.

We restrict access to our protected catchments to avoid contaminating our drinking water. Entering a protected drinking water storage area is illegal under the Safe Drinking Water Act, with large fines or six months’ imprisonment for a first offence.

“Protecting the safety and quality of our drinking water is absolutely critical,” Western Water’s General Manager, Customer and Community Relations, Graham Holt, says. 

“Drinking water is a resource shared by the whole community, and we would ask anyone who sees someone illegally entering a reservoir to contact us or the police. 

Drinking water storages, including reservoirs and tanks, are surrounded by fences and clearly marked ‘Do Not Enter’. 

Western Water conducts regular surveillance at reservoirs, including working with Victoria Police. Any trespassers are likely to be captured on CCTV. 

“We have increased our surveillance to ensure that anyone breaking the law gets caught,” Mr Holt says.


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