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Water supply change in Woodend

13 March 2019

Drinking water supplies in Woodend will be supplemented with water from the Rosslynne Reservoir due to high demand over the summer months.

A hot summer, below average rainfall and above average water consumption have contributed to the change in supply.

Unlike local water sources, water from Rosslynne is fluoridated, in line with Department of Health and Human Services requirements.

Woodend residents used around 210 litres of water per person per day during December and January – a much higher level of consumption than normal for the summer months.

Moving water between reservoirs, and if necessary drawing on water from the Melbourne supply system, ensures security of supply for Woodend, even in periods of high demand.

Some customers may also notice a slight change in the taste of their water. This is normal as water from different sources can vary.

The supply change is being phased in gradually.

Customers that may have questions about water fluoridation can call the department’s Water Unit on 1300 761 874.


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