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Water use rules for summer

14 December 2017

Western Water is urging residents to be aware of Permanent Water Saving Rules when using water this summer.

Western Water’s Managing Director Neil Brennan says while recent rain has left water storages well-placed for summer, it’s still important to use this precious resource wisely.

“Permanent Water Saving Rules are sensible guidelines that make sure we take care with our drinking water,” Mr Brennan says.

Under Permanent Water Saving Rules you can:

  • Water your garden or lawn with a watering can, bucket or hand-held hose with a trigger nozzle at any time.
  • Water your garden or lawn with a watering system such as a sprinkler only between 6pm and 10am.
  • Wash your car with a bucket, hand-held hose with a trigger nozzle or high-pressure cleaning device at any time
  • Use water for a fountain or water feature only if it recirculates water.

“Being aware of the rules will help households keep their water use to 155 litres or less per person per day, which is the aim of the State Government’s Target 155 campaign,” Mr Brennan says.

“Things that can help you achieve Target 155 include shorter showers, only washing clothes when you have a full load, and mulching your garden to keep water in the soil."

You can find out more about Permanent Water Saving Rules here, and get plenty of water saving tips here.


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