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Western Water collaboration ensures agreement success

21 September 2018

Western Water’s new Enterprise Agreement has been certified by the Fair Work Commission.

The agreement was the result of highly collaborative negotiations by our Bargaining Unit which was comprised of a diverse and representative group of staff, Australian Services Union representatives and Professionals Australia.

Work commenced negotiations in early July 2017 and concluded with Government in-principle approval, achieved within 6 months, in December 2017.  The outcome of the staff vote was; 98% of staff who voted, did so in favour of the Agreement - 2 votes were not completed correctly.

The positive result was due to the highly collaborative approach in line with Western Water values; People, Integrity, Respect, Teamwork and Excellence.

Regular and proactive communication by Bargaining Unit members meant that staff were highly engaged throughout and when it came time to vote. A total of 41 claims were considered, discussed and resolved resulting in an excellent outcome for staff and the business which is currently experiencing high growth and business transformation.

Some of the highlights of the Agreement are:

  • A $750 one-off Recognition payment to staff (employed at 14 December 2017) - this recognises employees’ preparedness to embrace a period of growth and transformation in the business
  • Facilitative clause for introduction of technology to protect health and safety, improve security including of assets and support customer improvements
  • Actions aligned with our Diversity and Inclusion plan; Cultural leave for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and reimbursement of reasonable expenses for dependent care when overtime is worked at short notice
  • 3% salary increase in each of the 4 years of the Agreement



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