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Western Water launches virtual reality training program

18 September 2018

Western Water field teams are using cutting edge augmented reality and virtual reality to learn about network systems, pumps, repair and maintenance processes.

General Manager, Customer and Community Relations and Field Operations, Graham Holt, says the innovative training approach helps improve the effectiveness and efficiency of training and has improved safety benefits.

“It’s critical that our field staff are trained to the highest standards to manage and maintain our network of pipes and pumps.  Previously they have had to learn how to do this by reading extensive documents and procedures as well as travel long distances to often remote sites.

“Now team members can be in a classroom using virtual reality and augmented reality, which saves time when training.”

Mr Holt says the training approach provided critical information to staff in an easy way for them to understand and apply once out in the field and supported learning preferences for team members.

“The days of reading volumes of documents, procedures and processes can now be fast tracked by seeing the tasks in virtual reality or augmented reality.

“Customers benefit from staff who are confident and trained to the best contemporary standards – innovative approaches ensure we can do the best for our community”, Mr Holt says.

Western Water engineers will also benefit from the new technology during the design and review process of works programs. 



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