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Recycled Water

Western Water supplies recycled water to business and residential customers throughout our service region.

We operate seven recycled water plants, with each treating wastewater and producing recycled water to a Class A, Class B or Class C standard. Recycled water is supplied to customers via pipelines, standpipes and through farm leases for various non-drinking purposes.

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Recycled water explained

Recycled water is wastewater that has been collected and treated so that it can be used again for a variety of non-drinking purposes.

Class A Recycled Water

Class A is the highest quality of recycled water. It's supplied to residential customers for non-drinking purposes such as toilet flushing, garden watering and car washing.

Class B & C Recycled Water

Class B & C recycled water can replace the need to use drinking water for a number of commercial and agricultural applications.

Piped recycled water supply

Each of Western Water's recycled water plants has a recycled water scheme attached to it, with the exception of Bacchus Marsh. The Sunbury-Melton scheme is our longest pipeline.

Carting recycled water

Recycled water carters are vehicles that are registered to draw water from Western Water’s recycled water supply network.

Western Irrigation Network Feasibility Study

We're leading a feasibility study into the Western Irrigation Network (WIN) - a proposed grid of more than 50km of pipelines to bring recycled water to agricultural precincts for irrigation.

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