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Reservoir levels 

Keep track of reservoir levels with Western Water and look up historic stats below. Like us on Facebook for the latest news.

*When Garden Hut Reservoir and the Lancefield Service Basin are at low
levels, bore water may be used as part of the Lancefield water supply.

The Western Water region has two main water storages, Rosslynne Reservoir and Lake Merrimu, both of which are managed by Southern Rural Water. The reservoirs supply the Melton and Bacchus Marsh (Merrimu) and Macedon Ranges (Rosslynne) districts.

After a period in which almost 90% of the region’s drinking water was supplied from Melbourne Water catchments, we are now returning to local water sources. Customers in Bacchus Marsh and Melton are receiving water from Merrimu Reservoir and customers in Gisborne, Macedon and Riddells Creek will soon be receiving water from Rosslynne.

Customers in Sunbury will continue to receive water from Melbourne’s Silvan Reservoir. Other customers may have Melbourne water added to their local supply at times. 

SurcharGing and Pre-Releases Policy

Western Water’s surcharge and pre-release infrastructure associated with its water storage dams and reservoirs is very limited, and as such Western Water is not in a position to undertake any surcharge or pre-release prior to flood events. Western Water’s storages are equipped with spillways which allow  flood waters to spill from the storage if it is at full capacity. Western Water will monitor storages during and post flood events and will respond as required.