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Recycled water classifications 

Recycled water quality is described using a Class system.

Class A is the highest quality of recycled water, with the widest range of uses including in the home, residential garden watering, closed system toilet flushing, fire protection, food crops consumed raw or sold to consumers uncooked or processed and all the uses allowed for Classes B, C and D.

Class B may be used for such things as the irrigation of dairy cattle grazing land, industrial wash down water and the uses listed for Classes C and D.

Class C recycled water may be used for a number of uses including cooked or processed human food crops including wine grapes and olives, for livestock grazing and fodder, municipal water use and human food crops grown over a meter above the ground and eaten raw such as apples, pears, table grapes and cherries.

Class D has received the least amount of treatment of all four classes and may be only used for non-food crops such as instant turf, woodlots and flowers.

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