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Each year Western Water produces a series of reports about our performance over the prior twelve months.

Annual Report

Annual Report

The Annual Report is a detailed publication which addresses the Victorian Government's reporting requirements for water authorities including all financial information.

2019/20 Annual Report10MB

2018/19 Annual Report5MB

2017/18 Annual Report2MB

2016/17 Annual Report2MB

2015/16 Annual Report3MB

2014/15 Annual Report834KB 

2013/14 Annual Report1MB

2012/13 Annual Report2MB

Water Quality Report

Water Quality Report

The Water Quality Report reports on the quality of drinking water supplied to customers within our service area. It also explains where our water is sourced and how we filter and monitor the supply to meet stringent quality requirements in the reporting year.

Each section of the report corresponds to one of the twelve elements of the Framework for Management of Drinking Water Quality in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

2019/20 Water Quality Report3MB

2018/19 Water Quality Report3MB

2017/18 Water Quality Report2MB

2016/17 Water Quality Report2MB

2015/16 Water Quality Report1MB

2014/15 Water Quality Report2MB

2013/14 Water Quality Report1MB

2012/13 Water Quality Report3MB

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Consultancy expenditure

Consultancy expenditure - 2019/20145KB

Consultancy expenditure - 2018/19141KB

Consultancy expenditure - 2017/18213KB

Consultancy expenditure - 2016/17207KB

Consultancy expenditure - 2015/16143KB

Consultancy expenditure - 2014/15194KB 

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