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Customer outcomes

We have worked with customers to identify five key customer outcomes to ensure we deliver value as we provide our services and plan for the future.

They are:

  1. Fair and affordable charges
  2. Reliable, safe services
  3. Innovative approaches to addressing customer needs
  4. Care of the environment
  5. Sustainable contribution to the community and regional liveability

During the development of our Price Submission for 2020-23, we reviewed our outcomes and their measures with customers. 

You can read more in the Customer Outcomes Booklet1MB.

We report on our performance against the customer outcomes and their measures each year. Download our 2019/20 performance results235KB.

Outcome 1 - Fair and affordable charges

Key projects Measures Target
Implementing recommendations from Tariff Structure Review Customer satisfaction that the price of water services represents value for money (average survey score out of 10) ≥ 6.5 out of 10
Customer support program Customer hardship program participants who have cleared outstanding debt ≥ 20%

Outcome 2 - Reliable, safe services

Key projects Measures Target
Delivering quality maintenance and field services
Average response time for Priority 1 water incidents (mins) ≤ 30
Average response time to attend sewer spills (mins) ≤ 30
Customers experiencing more than 5 water supply interruptions
Customers experiencing more than 3 sewer service interruptions
Providing safe, quality drinking water Water quality complaints (per 1000 customers) ≤ 4
Number of Safe Drinking Water Act non-compliances (water sampling and audit)

Outcome 3 - Innovative approaches to addressing customer needs

Key projects Measures Target
Increased use of technology solutions for customer service
Customer portal usage (% unique customers) ≥ 10%
Customers on e-billing ≥ 20%
Customer mobile numbers registered for SMS communications ≥ 75% 
Customer email accounts registered for communications and engagement ≥ 50%

Outcome 4 - Care of the environment

Key projects Measures Target

Reduced impact on the environment

  • Melton RWP solar array project
  • Melton Waste to Energy trial
  • Large Scale Renewable Energy project (Victorian water industry)

Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (tonnes CO2e) ≤ 35,638
Number of sewer spills 0
Positioning Western Water as a leader in environmental care Customer satisfaction with the way Western Water cares for the environment (average survey score out of 10) ≥ 7.8

Outcome 5 - Sustainable contribution to the community and regional liveability

Key projects Measures Target
Water conservation program Litres per person per day ≤ 185

Integrated water management (IWM) solutions

  • Sunbury IWM
  • IWM Forums
Development of Sunbury IWM plan On track
Western Irrigation Network Reuse of recycled water produced ≥ 75%
Education Program Percentage of preschools and primary schools receiving free Western Water educational presentation ≥ 90%
Position Western Water as a value member of the community Customers agree that Western Water is a valuable member of the community (per cent of survey respondents selecting 4 or 5 out of 5) ≥ 70%
Western Water's Reconciliation Action Plan Actions delivered on time as per plan Delivered

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