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Guaranteed Service Levels

Western Water’s guaranteed service levels (GSLs) are those service standards that will result in financial compensation to customers if they are not met.

The GSLs below, including their payment amount, apply for the period from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2020.

Western Water monitors its performance against these GSLs and will automatically advise and make payment to any affected customers.

Guaranteed service level Payment amount
Planned water supply interruption during peak hours (5am-9am and 5pm-11pm) $100
Planned water supply interruption longer than notification given $100
More than three sewer interruptions in 12 months $100
Sewerage spills inside a house, caused by the business or failure of the business' system(s), not stopped within one hour of notification $500
Restricting or commencing legal action prior to taking reasonable endeavours (as defined by the Essential Services Commission) to contact the customer about help available if they are experiencing difficulties paying $300

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