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Tax time tips

Tax time can be busy, especially if you own an investment property and need your Western Water bills to complete your tax return.

Here are our top tips for getting your Western Water account ready for tax time.

Missing a bill?

Properties serviced by Western Water are billed three times per year – not quarterly. If you have three bills with you already, that’s probably all you need for tax time.

Requesting bill copies

You can request a copy of previous bills by calling us on 1300 650 422 during business hours. We will issue these via email. 

Tax statement

Although copies of your bills are usually all you need to complete a tax return, Western Water can produce a tax statement on request.

Tax statements show the charges and payments made on an account and can go back a number of years.

In 2019/20 there is a charge of $28.53 for each block of three financial years requested (or part thereof), excluding the most recent three years.  For the most recent three years of charges we recommend you contact us for bill copies (at no charge). 

To apply for a tax statement, download and send us a Taxation Statement Application Form189KB

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