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Assistance programs

If you're experiencing temporary or long-term financial difficulties or having trouble paying your water bill, we can help.

We understand that financial difficulties can happen to anyone. For example you may have experienced:

  • a loss of or change in income
  • a serious illness, disability or death in the family
  • a separation, divorce or other family crisis
  • family violence 
  • other personal problems contributing to financial hardship.

A member of our Customer Programs team will work with you to help make paying your water bill easier. You may need more time to pay, a different way to pay or advice on how to reduce your water usage.

How we can help

Financial counselling

Financial Counselling services are available free of charge and are supported by Western Water on the basis of counsellor expertise, independence and confidentiality.

Call our Customer Programs team on 1800 093 558 to find your nearest financial counsellor.

Customer Support Agencies

The community agencies listed below offer free information and advocacy to people experiencing financial difficulty. 

  • Domestic Violence Resource Centre: phone (03) 8346 5200 or visit their website.
  • Safe Steps - 24/7 immediate assistance: phone 1800 015 188 or visit their website.
  • 1800 Respect - 24/7 counselling and support service: phone 1800 737 732 or visit their website.
  • Switchboard - volunteer support for the LGBTI community: phone 1800 184 527 or visit their website.
  • MensLine - 24/7 telephone and online counselling: phone 1300 789 978 or visit their website
  • Good Shepherd Youth & Family Service: 354 Main Road West, St Albans. Phone (03) 8312 8800 or email stalbans@goodshep.org.au or visit their website.
  • Sunbury Community Health Centre: 12-28 Macedon St, Sunbury. Phone (03) 9744 4455 or email intake@sunburychc.org.au 
  • Salvation Army Emergency Relief: 27-37 Anderson Road, Sunbury. Phone (03) 9744 2095 or visit their website

Utility Relief Grants

The Utility Relief Grant Scheme (URGS) is a government program that helps people that are unable to pay their electricity, gas or water bills due to special circumstances.

Eligible customers can get up to $650 towards their water bill and other utilities. To check if you're eligible visit the Department of Health & Human Services website.

To apply for a URGS:

  1. Call Western Water's Customer Programs team on 1800 093 558 to request an application form. Please let us know if you need help filling in the form. 
  2. Send the form to the Department of Health & Human Services in the reply-paid envelope before the due date shown on the form.
  3. The Department of Health & Human Services will review your application. Please wait up to eight weeks for a written response from the Department of Health & Human Services and Western Water. Western Water will put your water account on hold during this time. 

WaterTight program

With WaterTight a qualified plumber visits your home, conducts a water audit, identifies and fixes problems (such as dripping taps) and recommends water-saving measures.

During the visit the plumber can make some minor repairs, such as fixing a leaking tap. They cannot undertake large repairs, emergency works or clean up leaks.

You may be eligible for a WaterTight visit if you:

  • are registered in our Customer Support Program
  • are deemed by Western Water to be financially vulnerable or at risk of financial hardship
  • find it difficult to perform basic retrofitting such as replacing a tap washer
  • are identified as a customer with special circumstances, or:
  • have experienced issues with high water usage. 

To request a WaterTight visit, complete the online booking request form. We'll then contact you to arrange a time to visit your property.

If you are eligible, we will ask that you ensure a safe working environment for the plumber.

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