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Accredited consultants and contractors

Accredited land development consultants should be used to undertake engineering design, superintending and auditing of land development works.

Consultants or contractors planning land development engineering design, audit services and/or construction works within our service area must be accredited before work can start.

To be considered for accreditation with Western Water, consultants or contractors must demonstrate and maintain the necessary qualifications, expertise, management systems, works experience and capability to undertake the relevant services.

Accreditation for consultants and contractors is managed through the ARCUS accreditation management system.

Becoming accredited 

  1. Email and request to become an accreditated land development consultant/contractor.
  2. You will be provided a link to complete the ARCUS online registration.
  3. Once you've submitted your registration, we'll assess your application. 

All accredited consultants/contractors are required to agree to Western Water's Accreditation Terms and Conditions as defined in the Accreditation Deed between each supplier and Western Water. 

A copy of these documents are provided below for reference only. A specific Accreditation Deed will be provided by Western Water for each individual contractor/consultant during the application process.

Development Contractor Accreditation Deed369KB

Development consultant accreditation deed943KB

Once you're accredited

Once accredited, you will need to maintain your accreditation details within ARCUS. You’ll also be included on the list of accredited consultants and contractors that all developers in the Western Water area must use.

Western Water recognises that there will be a transition period following the introduction of ARCUS whilst contractors and consultants apply for accreditation and await approval.  During this period Western Water will approve contractors and consultants nominated by developers on a project specific basis.

Further information

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