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Water Babies

To meet the changing needs of our customers and community, Western Water has developed an information program for families with young children.

Water Babies cover

The Water Babies book, suitable for babies and toddlers, is provided free of charge to parents and carers living in Western Water’s service area. It was written by local author Rebecca Colless.

Local councils are supporting the program by distributing the book through some Maternal and Child Health Centres.

The Water Babies book works on two levels at once:

  1. Children will enjoy having the Water Babies poem read to them, while they look at the colourful photos of children using water in a range of everyday situations.
  2. Adults can read about: 
    • water conservation tips
    • water saving assistance programs
    • drinking water for health
    • child safety around pools, showers and baths
    • Western Water’s flexible payment options, and
    • Western Water’s Customer Support for people facing financial difficulty.

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