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Primary school

Want some waterwise fun in your classroom? We offer a range of free presentations and resources for primary schools in our service region.

Prep program

Prep Starter

Free Prep School Starter Program in 2019

Our popular Prep School Starter Program will be entering its thirteenth successful year, ready to welcome Preps to primary school and introduce them to important water saving messages and to establish lifelong habits of drinking water for health.

In 2018, we conducted 147 presentations to 2,865 Prep students at 47 of our local primary schools.

We are excited to be offering this free program again in 2019.

A trained educator will visit your classroom and provide a presentation introducing the water cycle, which follows the story of Donna the Water Droplet, together with important lessons about healthy hydration and water conservation.

The students will also meet Western Water’s mascot, Sammy the Snake and his friend Frances the Frog, and are invited to join Sammy’s Waterwise Club.

Each Prep student receives a free reusable drink bottle.

What others are saying about the program

“All students were immediately engaged and willing to participate. They loved being a part of the mini-play as everyone was involved and had something to do. Very informative and it was great to see that they have retained some of that knowledge from kindergarten.” - Pentland Primary School

 “Just wanted to say thank you for visiting our Prep students. They absolutely loved it and were able to talk about it when they went back to their classrooms. I think that shows just how good your two presenters were, so engaging the kids were just listening to everything they said. It is such a fantastic program for these kids and we are looking forward to having you visit again next year. Thanks also for the water bottles!” - Wedge Park Primary School

 “Thank you, we thoroughly enjoyed how interactive the presentation was. All students had the opportunity to participate which was fantastic! We find that students who participate in your presentation then show the ability to recall important stages of the water cycle, identify the process names and recall important facts. It’s a great presentation, very hands on and interactive. Your presenter was just wonderful! Thanks again.” - Darley Primary School

How to book

Incursions for Prep - Grade 6

The incursion program includes free 45-60 minute presentations provided by experienced educators. The presentations include:

  • strong links to the curriculum
  • interactive activities
  • access to online materials including colouring and activity sheets
  • engaging pre and post lesson materials.


  • Yoga and mindfulness presentation
    NEW The Water Cycle: Yoga and Mindfulness (Prep - Grade 6): Students will experience the water cycle through gentle yoga movements, and embark on a guided journey visualising themselves as a rain drop. This new presentation is aimed at calming the mind and engaging students through different learning techniques.
  • The Water Cycle (Prep - Grade 4): Students dress up and engage in a fun role-play to explore the water cycle, from precipitation to clouds to the sun and rain. They will also hear the story of Donna the Water Droplet as she journeys through the different stages of rain.
  • Water Wise @ Home (Grades 1 - 2): Students will work together to explore water conservation. Using fun props taken from a lucky dip, they will discover fascinating facts and tips about water saving in and around homes.
  • Water Wise @ School (Grades 3 - 6): Are you a SWEP school (participating in the Schools Water Efficiency Program) or want to become one? Explore Western Water’s sponsored program and real-time data through engaging mathematical activities including data recording and analysis, graphing, comparisons and predicting. 
  • Sustainable Practices? You be the judge! (Grades 3 - 6): Linking very strongly to the Civics and Citizenship curriculum, this new presentation utilises a courtroom setting to explore water use practices and analyse ways in which individuals and the wider community could improve water use practices and sustainability. Students can also debate and judge whether or not a particular water use practice is sustainable.
  • From Reservoir to You (Grades 3 - 6): Students will learn how we collect, treat and deliver water to homes in the 21st century. They will also see a demonstration of how the purification process works and work in teams to build a working example of a water filter.
  • Water for Health (Grades 3 - 6): Students follow the journey of water through our bodies using a human model and discover why water is the healthiest drink. They will also learn about the different foods that contribute to water consumption and overall health.

What others are saying

“All students were immediately engaged and willing to participate. They loved being a part of the mini-play as everyone was involved and had something to do. Very informative and it was great to see that they had retained some of that knowledge from kindergarten.” - Sky, Pentland Primary School 

“In this very busy world we live in, it is great to see Western Water developing a program that allows students time to relax and enjoy yoga and mindfulness, while still learning.” - Trish, Our Lady of Mt Carmel Parish Primary School   

The presenter was fantastic and maintained student interest and engagement throughout the lesson.” - Michelle, Gisborne Primary School.

"The presentation fitted right in with our sustainability unit and included information the children needed to learn and that was relevant to the local community." - Chris, Killara Primary School.

"The presenter was efficient and covered relevant ideas. You have always been so great and will always be an excellent resource for us to access." - Rebecca, Lancefield Primary School

"I think you offer a great variety of sessions for all levels, with hands-on, relevant and engaging activities. Thank you!" - Alyssa, Rockbank Primary School

How to book

Free resources

What not to flush down the toilet poster

Unfortunately, there are many items that get flushed down toilets, which should be put into bins. Items such as toys, baby wipes and nappies can cause a lot of damage and over time clog up the pipes causing major problems.

Place our free poster in bathrooms to help children remember to think before they flush.

What not to flush down the toilet poster1MB

Water cycle poster

We have a free poster explaining the water cycle in an easy-to-understand way.

Water cycle poster620KB 

Hydration poster

Drinking water helps us maintain good health, keep up our energy levels and be able to think clearly.

Place our free hydration poster in bathrooms to help children identify whether they are hydrated.

Hydration poster473KB 

Kids Teaching Kids Conference

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