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Watch our fun and educational short videos to learn more about water.

After watching, complete the related activities at home, either individually or with others.

Send us any completed activity and you’ll receive a certificate from Sammy and have a chance of winning great prizes!

Prizes to be won!

Everyone who sends us their completed activity before Wednesday 30 June 2021 will receive a certificate from Sammy and be entered into one of the following categories:

  • Preschool
  • Prep
  • Grade 1 – 2
  • Grade 3 – 4
  • Grade 5 – 6

First prize winners in each category will receive a $50 Toyworld voucher and runners-up will receive a $25 Toyworld voucher.

There are many ways to send us your activity. Be sure to include your name, age/grade, email and postal address.

  • Text a photo to 0404 865 597
  • Email (scan or take a photo) to
  • Post (no stamp required) to Sammy Education, Western Water, Reply Paid 2371, Sunbury DC, VIC, 3429

Thank you for participating, we look forward to seeing your creations.


NEW: Video & activity 7 - Yoga and mindfulness


Yoga and Mindfulness give students a strong sense of empowerment to enhance their physical and mental wellbeing.

With clear links to the Health and Personal Capabilities Curriculum, this calming Yoga and Mindfulness session will take children on a gentle and relaxing journey whilst giving them wellbeing skills to access in their everyday lives.

See below for a variety of fun activities you can do.

Activity 1: Yoga and mindfulness

Run a gentle water cycle movement class for your family or friends.

Yoga and mindfulness activity sheet3MB

Activity 2: Write a water senses poem

Be creative and write a watery poem using all your senses.

Write a water senses poem activity sheet3MB 

Activity 3: Water cycle mindfulness colouring

Explore The Water Cycle with these mindfulness colouring pages, designed to make you feel relaxed and focused.

Colouring sheet - Foundation to Grade 23MB

Colouring sheet - Grade 3 to Grade 62MB

Activity 4: Make yourself a healthy, hydrating snack plate

Share a snack with family or friends and keep your body hydrated, healthy and strong.

Make yourself a healthy, hydrating snack plate3MB

Activity 5: Present an informative poster, PowerPoint or video all about water and health

Visit the Health Direct website to help you summarise how and why water is important for our bodies, brains and teeth. 

Summarise the key facts first (aim for at least 6-10 key facts) and then present them using text and images on a poster or using Word or PowerPoint. Or you could use the facts to write a script and film yourself as a journalist in a news report all about how important water is for our health. 

You might like to ask an adult to help you search for some more facts or images to add to your PowerPoint or video, and if you are using a video editing tool, you could even add some captions, images and sound effects into your video.

We'd love to see what you create, so remember to share it with us!

Note: Not all exercises are suitable for everyone and this or any exercise program could result in injury. Please consult your doctor before embarking on this or any exercise program. To reduce the risk of injury never force or strain. We encourage you to always take care when determining your ability to do/take part in the exercises that are offered. If you feel pain or dizziness, do not continue. The instruction herein is not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment. The creators, producers, participants and distributors of this program disclaim any liability or loss arising out of or in connection with the services or exercises and advice herein.


Video & activity 6 - Water wise at home


Are you a Water Warrior or a Water Waster? Discover the many ways we use water in and around our homes, and how we can ALL become Water Warriors.

See below for a variety of fun activities you can do.

Activity 1: Water Warrior bookmarks

Create your own bookmarks using our template and share water saving messages with friends and family.

Bookmark activity sheet360KB

Activity 2: Sammy Waterwise Game

Have fun playing Sammy’s Waterwise Game and learning how to be Water Warriors.

Sammy's Waterwise Game645KB

Activity 3: Waterwise Charades

Play a game of Charades! Can you guess what Water Warrior activity is being shared?

Waterwise Charades activity sheet3MB


Activity 4: Waterwise Snap and Waterwise Challenge

Using our Water Warrior and Water Waster cards play Snap. You can also follow our instructions to create your own set of cards and challenge others to a waterwise challenge. Have fun!

Waterwise Snap activity sheet2MB


Activity 5: Waterwise in the Community

Be creative and share Water Warrior messages with your community. It’s easy to spread the word, check out our ideas.

Waterwise in the community activity sheet3MB

Activity 6: Make a Water Warrior Thaumatrope!

Learn how to create a Water Warrior Thaumatrope – it’s lots of fun, and a creative way to share your Water Warrior messages.

Make a water warrior thaumatrope activity sheet2MB

Activity 7: Persuasive writing

As a Water Warrior write a persuasive piece about why it’s important to reduce water usage in and around the home. Watch our video for inspiration. Brainstorm ideas.

Aim for THREE clear points and for each point write your argument(s) providing clear evidence. You may like to do some additional research. Be sure to have a strong beginning and conclusion.

Remember to choose an audience, for example you may like to share with a family member or a friend. It’s also important to think about how you would like to present it, for example, as a written piece, audio recording, video recording.

Draft and edit. Happy writing Water Warrior!

Video & activity 5 - How water gets to your taps, including make-your-own water filter activity


Ever wondered where our water comes from and how it is cleaned and delivered to you? Western Water proudly plays a very important role in this process. Watch our video to discover more.

See below for a variety of fun activities you can do.

Activity 1: Make your own water filter activity

Enjoy making your own water filter at home.

Building a water filter activity sheet2MB

Activity 2: Check for leaks

Watch our 'How to check for leaks' video and follow the steps to check if there's a water leak at your house.

Activity 3: Mapping your taps - Tap maths!

Explore your house and backyard and be surprised to discover just how many taps you have. 

Mapping Your Taps - Tap Maths activity sheet3MB

Activity 4: Estimation activity - How much water do I use in a day?

Have fun using our instructions to calculate how much water you, and your family use in a day.

Estimation activity - how much water do I use in a day? Activity sheet2MB

Activity 5: Water puzzles

Solve the Tap Maze and work out which letters are missing from Sammy’s important message. Colour Sammy in and create a poster.

Watery Puzzles3MB

Video & activity 4 - Exploring weather and the water cycle


Water is a precious resource and used every day in so many ways. Our clever planet is constantly recycling and renewing our water in a continual process called the water cycle626KB

See below for a variety of fun activities you can do.

Activity 1: The Water Cycle Collage

Get creative, follow the instructions and produce your own water cycle image.

The Water Cycle Collage activity sheet2MB

Activity 2: My Water Cycle Poem

Have fun using this activity to write your own poem and illustrate with some watery images.

My water cycle poem activity sheet3MB

Activity 3: Build your own reservoir

Discover how easy it is to create your own reservoir in your backyard.

Build Your Own Reservoir activity sheet2MB

Activity 4: Exploring a local waterway using your senses

Have you ever explored a local waterway? Take a walk and using all your senses observe the waterway and the environment. See what amazing things you discover and use the instructions to record your observations.

Exploring local waterways activity sheet2MB

Activity 5: Make a lake and build a mini twig raft

Construct a mini twig raft, test it with one lego person and see if it floats. Read the instructions for some extra challenges. Have fun experimenting and good luck!

Make a lake and build a mini twig raft activity sheet2MB

Video & activity 3 - Water for health


Drinking water is important. It helps us maintain good health, keeps up our energy levels and enables us to think clearly. 

See our Hydration Poster473KB that can be printed off and hung in your bathroom or around your house.

See below for a variety of fun activities you can do.

Activity 1: Healthy drinks competition

See which family member drinks the healthiest drinks over one week with our Healthy Drinks Competition chart.

Healthy Drinks Competiton chart417KB

Activity 2: Kitchen science

Follow the instructions to make your own cola drink.

Make Your Own Cola Activity Sheet2MB

Activity 3: Water Masterchef

Download these creative ideas for adding healthy flavours to your water.

Water Masterchef Activity Sheet2MB

Activity 4: Craft creations

  • Make a plate of healthy food choices.
  • Find pictures of foods from different food groups.
  • Make paper plate art about healthy food choices.
  • Send us a photo of your creation.
Healthy food plate example

Video & activity 2 - Storytime and singalong


Drinking water is important. It helps us maintain good health, keeps up our energy levels and enables us to think clearly. 

See our Hydration Poster473KB that can be printed off and hung in your bathroom or around your house.

See below for a variety of fun activities you can do.

Activity 1: Singing and moving

Create new verses to The Water Song from the video. The words are sung to the tune of 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat'. Don't forget to create your own actions. 

Wash wash wash your hands,
Make them nice and clean.
Wash and wash and wash and wash,
The cleanest you have seen.

Activity 2: Singing and moving

Teach Sammy’s Song to the tune of the ‘Where Is Thumbkin’. Don’t forget to create your own actions.

Ssssammy says save it ... Sssssammy says save it
Turn off that tap ... Turn off that tap
Water comes from far away ... Save it for another day
Turn off that tap ... Turn off that tap

Ssssammy says share it ... Sssssammy says share it
Let’s all have a drink... Let’s all have a drink...
Water comes from far away ... Save it for another day
Let’s all have a drink... Let’s all have a drink...

Activity 3: Craft creations - dirty vs clean hands

Dirty vs clean hands example

On a piece of paper, draw an outline of your hands and cut them out. Complete this twice.

On a larger piece of paper, draw a line in the middle. Stick one set of hands on the top half, and label this ‘Dirty’. Then stick the second set of hands on the bottom half, and label this “Clean”. 

How could you make one set of hands dirty, and the other clean?

Activity 4: Craft creations - Sammy and Frances

Craft creations activity example

Use paper plates, textas, colouring pencils, paints and scissors to make your own Frances the Frog or Sammy the Snake creations. Send us a photo of your creation.

Video 1 - Meet Western Water's Education Team

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