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Bushfires and your water supply

Western Water cannot guarantee that we will be able to maintain your usual water supply or water pressure if there is a bushfire in your area.

What you can do

  • Consult the CFA about preparing your family and home for a bushfire.
  • Adopt a hydrant; keep the hydrant nearest your house clear and accessible and report any faults, damage or missing markers by calling us on 1300 650 422.

What Western Water is doing

Western Water is preparing for the bushfire season by getting our people and networks ready for extreme conditions. This includes keeping extra water in local reservoirs for fire-fighting.

However, if there is a bushfire, Western Water may not be able to maintain your mains water supply or water pressure.

If electricity is lost, we may not be able to pump water around our pipe network as usual.

If there is an extreme increase in demand for water from residents and the CFA, we may not be able to keep up water pressure, or your water supply may stop altogether.

If there is a serious bushfire in your area, it could affect the quality of your drinking water. During and after a bushfire we recommend you boil your drinking water until Western Water confirms it is safe to drink.

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