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Sewer pipes

Who is responsible for maintaining and repairing sewer pipes depends on the location of the sewer main.

Sewer service responsibilities


Sewer mains

Sewer mains can be located outside your property, or within an easement within your property. Western Water is responsible for maintaining the sewer mains.

The pipe from your property to the sewer main

  • If the sewer main is not within your property, Western Water will maintain the sewer main and any pipes up to 1 metre within your property boundary. See the house on the left in the above diagram.
  • If the sewer main is within your property, Western Water will maintain the sewer main and any pipes up to 1 metre from the edge of the sewer main. See the house on the right in the above diagram.

The exception is when the inspection opening on your property is within the 1 metre zone. In this case, Western Water is only responsible up to the inspection opening.

All internal plumbing fixtures

  • The property owner is responsible for maintaining all internal plumbing and fixtures, the pipes leading from outlets inside the house and from the gully trap (which is normally located near an outside wall of the building) and the single pipe that these pipes flow into up to the property’s house connection branch. The connection branch is usually located within your property.
  • If a problem (such as a blocked drain) occurs, the property owner should engage a licensed plumber for repairs.


Property owners with a combined drainage pipe (for example, unit developments) are responsible for maintaining that pipe. More information is available in the below fact sheet.

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