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Rockbank Sewer Pump Station (Completed)

We built a new sewer pump station on the outskirts of Rockbank to meet the service needs of the existing township and Rockbank North area.

Project snapshot

Town(s): Rockbank, 

Status: Complete

Cost: $3.8 million

Expected Completion Date: Completed November 2017

Why was this project needed?

The new Rockbank Sewer Pump Station ensures we can provide quality sewerage services to customers in the wider Rockbank area. It receives sewage from the local area, which is then pumped to the Melton Recycled Water Plant for treatment.

Rockbank is the second-largest pump station in the Western Water network, able to pump up to 150 litres of sewage per second. It will initially service over 1,500 properties, with the capacity to service more than 5,000 in the longer term.

Further, the station is modular in design and able to be expanded in future to cater for increased sewage flows.

Project updates

Project Update: February 2017746KB

project update: april 2016392KB

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