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Annual Water Outlook for 2019 /20

9 December 2019

Customers are encouraged to take shorter showers, check for household leaks and use water wisely around the home after water consumption increased by over 7 percent in the past year.

These practical water saving actions—part of the voluntary water efficiency program Target 155—can make a big difference to home water use.

The 7.2% increase has been reported in Western Water’s Annual Water Outlook for 2019/20

Every year, Western Water and other Victorian water businesses provide an overview of their region’s water supplies and the actions to be undertaken to maintain supply.

Some of the increase in consumption is due to increased demand for water services. Our service population is growing fast percent and this year reached 172,525 people.

Western Water is well-positioned to meet the challenges of population growth and climate change by investing in projects that maximise use of our water supplies but we also rely on customers to use water efficiently.

The Annual Outlook forecast drier than average summer conditions for parts of eastern Australia, which includes Western Water’s service region.

The forecast is expected to impact on flows to the Merrimu Reservoir and Melbourne’s four storage reservoirs, which supply most of our region. Some customers will have a change of water supply over summer, which is part of normal operations to ensure Western Water can best manage available water resources to meet supply.

Western Water’s water supply is sourced via local reservoirs, groundwater and the Melbourne system. Recycled water is also used in agriculture and to irrigate sports grounds and recreational spaces throughout the service region.

 Check out how you can save water at home here.



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