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Finalist in this year’s Keep Victoria Beautiful Awards

13 August 2018

At this year’s Keep Victoria Beautiful Awards Western Water was proud to be a nominee for the Cultural Heritage Community Award category.

The joint application between Western Water and the City of Melton recognises the significance of the Pinkerton Forest Time Capsule event in highlighting the preservation of biodiversity in the forest.

Since the time capsule was placed at the burial site of the Pinkerton family in 1992, the culmination of the Surbiton Park and Pinkerton Forest Project by the Shire of Melton, the area has flourished under the care of local Landcare groups, environmentalists and Western Water.

The area is home to an impressive array of fauna and flora, including the White-bellied Sea-Eagle and Diamond Firetail, who returned to the forest to breed following significant woodland restoration undertaken by the Pinkerton Landcare and Environment Group.

“Retaining the natural environment amidst the huge expansion taking in place in and around Melton is a big challenge and Western Water remains committed to supporting the preservation and promotion of biodiversity in the forest,” said Graham Holt, Customer and Community Relations, General Manager.

“Community events such as the time capsule burial play an important part in linking community and schools to the forest. These events reinforce the community’s commitment to protecting the unique bird and animal life in the forest and teach children the value of a diverse natural environment.

“In 2067 when this time capsule is open we hope to celebrate with the next generation the return of an even more diverse plant and animal life,” finished Graham Holt.



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