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Leakes Road maintenance work

21 September 2020

Western Water is undertaking maintenance work on the water network in the Aintree/Rockbank area.

Work starts Wednesday 23 September and is scheduled to be completed by Friday 16 October. Work will also take place overnight on Wednesday 23 September 10pm to 6am.

The project involves installation of a pressure reducing valve on the 450 mm main on Leakes Road near the Western Highway.  

Some customers may notice a slight reduction in their water pressure during and after works. By slightly lowering water pressure, it:

  • reduces the risk of leaks at customer properties, including internal and external water fittings and appliances
  • reduces interruptions to the customer’s water supply due to pipe bursts in Western Water’s network
  • saves water and money by less water being wasted from taps (e.g. the jet of water is too strong).

Some customers may also notice their water is cloudy or white during works. This is often caused by tiny air bubbles in the water, which are harmless. Customers just need to run their front garden tap for about five minutes and water should return to normal.

There will be no interruption to water supply during works.

Workers on outdoor sites are adhering to all safety and hygiene guidelines, in line with Victorian Government public health measures. 


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