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Water main repairs in Melton West (24 - 28 June 2019)

21 June 2019

Western Water is preparing to fix a leaking pipe that supplies water to customers in Melton West and Hopetoun Park.

Workers will be repairing the pipe at the corner of Bulmans Road and Centenary Avenue from Monday 24 June until Friday 28 June 2019.

To ensure an uninterrupted water supply, Western Water will change how water is moved through the network during the week. Customers in Melton West and Hopetoun Park may notice a small drop in their water pressure when this happens.

Changing how water moves through the network can also stir up the natural silt that sits in water pipes. Although it’s unlikely, some customers may notice a slight change to the colour of their water if this occurs. It can be cleared by running a garden tap for up to 5 minutes or calling Western Water anytime on 1300 650 422 if it doesn’t clear up.

Western Water thanks customers for their patience during these urgent repairs.



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