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Water supply update - Gisborne, Riddells Creek, Macedon, Mt Macedon

11 November 2019

Our recent switch to local supplies for these towns resulted in many customers advising us that their water tasted and smelt like mud.

We have heard you and acted on this advice. The water supply for these towns has now been switched back to the Melbourne system while we identify the cause of the issue and review why the change in taste was more noticeable than our normal supply switches which happen during the year.

Please be assured that all the water supplied is safe to drink regardless of source.  All water supplied to our customers undergoes a complex treatment and testing process, however water from different sources can normally have slight taste differences which usually become unnoticeable after a few days. Clearly this time, that hasn’t occurred and we are sorry. 

Once we complete our review and we are confident the water taste you have advised us of is gone we will switch back to local supplies.

Using local sources is a key element of our system-wide strategy to ensure there is enough water available for the community over the warmer months when demand is higher.  It’s also better for our environment. 


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