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Water supply update for Lancefield customers

9 December 2020

Western Water customers in Lancefield may notice a slight change to their drinking water soon.

Right now, water for Lancefield comes from local reservoirs. To cater for increased demand, water from local bores will soon supplement these sources.

Customers in Lancefield may notice a slight change to the taste of their water when this change is made. The drinking water supplied by Western Water is high quality, safe and meets the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.  

What will I notice when the supply changes?

Some customers may notice a slight change to the taste and smell of their water. 

The water supplied will continue to meet the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines for health and safety. 

Why does the water supply change?

Western Water uses a number of water sources to ensure a secure water supply for customers. 

From time to time, we may need to change supply when upgrade works are being carried out, or when weather conditions increase demand.   

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