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Biosolids are a nutrient rich organic material that is produced from the water recycling process.

With a combination of water and organic materials, biosolids contain valuable nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous. They make a viable alternative fertiliser solution if applied under the right conditions.

Biosolids have a soil-like consistency and are used as:

  • fertilisers
  • soil conditioners
  • topsoil substitues for landfill
  • compost with green waste
  • structural material in the construction of roads.

Biosolids meet specific quality criteria and are regulated by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

Western Water is partnering with local farmers and communities to develop a sustainable biosolids industry. If you are interested in using biosolids for agricultural purposes please download, complete and return an Expression of Interest form. If you have any questions, please contact us on 1300 650 422.

EOI form - Biosolids for land application148KB

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