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Carting recycled water

Recycled water carters are vehicles that are registered to draw water from Western Water’s recycled water supply network.

Commercial, industrial, Council, agricultural and some residential customers may be able to access recycled water by carting it to their property using a registered recycled water carter.

The site where the water will be used must be approved by Western Water in accordance with EPA guidelines and Western Water's protocols. It must also be within the Western Water service region and local council districts to ensures the water is supplied back to the community which supplied it.

Becoming a registered recycled water carter or renewing your permit

To apply to become a recycled water carter:

  1. Download and send us a Recycled Water Carter Permit Application Form193KB
  2. Pay the application fee with the Credit card payment voucher188KB

Each site you cart recycled water to must have:

  • a temporary recycled water supply agreement, and:
  • a customer site management plan detailing where recycled water is to be used.

2020/21 Application fees:

New/renewed recycled water carter permit application (including one vehicle)
Each additional vehicle $36.23
Replacement recycled water carter permit sticker

Using carted recycled water

To access carted recycled water, you must have a temporary recycled water supply agreement for each site, and a customer site management plan detailing where recycled water is to be used on your site:

Temporary Recycled Water Supply Agreement143KB 

Application and Customer Site Management Plan231KB

Identifying registered recycled water carters

Registered recycled water carters display a Western Water sticker with their permit number and expiry date.

We conduct random audits to check that water is taken and used appropriately by water carters. We also monitor standpipe sites and educate registered water carters to ensure recycled water is drawn appropriately.

If you see someone filling a vehicle without displaying this sticker they may be taking water illegally. You can report them by phoning us on 1300 650 422 with their vehicle registration number.

Reporting and billing

Registered water carters are issued with an electronic key to access standpipes. The amount of water taken from the standpipe is automatically recorded and added to your account.

Western Water sends a bill to recycled water carter three times per year.

2020/21 charges:

Class A recycled water (per 1000 litres) 
Class B recycled water (per 1000 litres) $0.4137
Electronic key

Standpipe locations

Western Water operates recycled water standpipes at three of our recycled water plants:

  • Sunbury Recycled Water Plant (Class B)
  • Gisborne Recycled Water Plant (Class B)
  • Melton Recycled Water Plant (Class A).

The standpipes can be accessed between 7:30am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. Full details of standpipe locations and operating procedures are provided to registered water carters.

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