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EPA Corporate Licence and discharging to waterways

Greater Western Water’s EPA Corporate Licence covers the legally enforceable environmental performance conditions with which business activities must comply.

This is to provide the community with certainty that potentially harmful industrial and commercial activities are managed effectively and that the environment is protected.

Since 2008, we have operated all seven of our recycled water plants under the single EPA Corporate Licence.

In order to demonstrate compliance with the licence, Greater Western Water undertakes extensive environmental monitoring and provides an Annual Performance Statement (APS) to the EPA. The APS is a public document and is published on the EPA website.

Discharging to waterways

Greater Western Water is committed to minimising any potential impacts on surface water quality from the discharge of recycled water to streams. Recycled water must be reused – in preference to discharge to waterways – where it is practical and sustainable.

Greater Western Water’s recycled water plants at Sunbury and Gisborne are licenced to discharge recycled water to Jacksons Creek, and the Woodend Recycled Water Plant is licenced to discharge to Five Mile Creek.

In periods of sustained wet weather or when demand is well below supply, Greater Western Water must seek EPA approval to release recycled water from its other recycled water plants at Melton, Bacchus Marsh, Riddells Creek and Romsey.