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Strategies and plans

Western Water has detailed plans and strategies to ensure optimal management of our business, deliver the best possible service to the community, and to meet regulatory requirements.

Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan provides a detailed overview of how Western Water will deliver its obligations and accountabilities in providing water, sewerage and associated services to customers.

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan outlines our strategic intent for the next ten years and how we plan to address the challenges and opportunities we face in the provision of water, recycled water and sewerage services.

Highlights of the plan include:

  • Meeting the needs and expectations of a growing and diverse customer base
  • Contributing to the liveability and viability of the region which we service
  • Ensuring we care for the environment for current and future generations, and
  • Leveraging partnerships and technology to create valued services and products.

Strategic framework diagram

Reconciliation Action Plan

Western Water’s Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan represents our organisation-wide commitment to reconciliation, to further develop our knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and to enhance our relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Integrated Water Management Strategy

Our integrated water management approach will help us meet the challenges of population growth and safeguard our water resources and environmental values for the future. Read more.

Urban Water Strategy

Western Water's Urban Water Strategy is a 50-year outlook of the integrated water supply system and water resource management for the region.

The Strategy outlines our approach to deliver on the policy directions emerging from Water for Victoria, meet our customers' needs and achieve our Strategic Intent of Engaging with our community on the provision of water services to enable regional economic growth and resilience in a climate changing environment.

Melbourne Sewerage Strategy

The Melbourne Sewerage Strategy outlines how Greater Melbourne’s sewerage system will be managed to enhance its contribution to public health, the environment and affordable customer services.

Western Water has collaborated with Melbourne Water, City West Water, South East Water and Yarra Valley Water to develop the strategy. Download the strategy.

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